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One Year of Inclined Bed Therapy

It has been a week over a year (as i type this) since i first raised my bed the requisite 5 degrees, availing myself of Inclined Bed Therapy. As someone analytical, with an engineering background (like Andrew Fletcher), below i present my personal experiences.

tl;dr: I went to a great effort to modify my highly customized, architect-designed, extra-sturdy USBBW-friendly bed frame this past April, to make my IBT bed adjustment permanent. In appropriate contexts, i recommend IBT to anyone and everyone.



What led me to IBT was a frantic search for anything/everything that could help me recover and move on from a wholly unexpected acute urinary retention incident that very nearly ended my life in a highly painful manner. A testimonial in a health forum post on urinary issues mentioned that IBT had been highly successful for one individual. I had read about it over half a year earlier via Dr. Mercola’s weekly newsletter, so the concept was not entirely new to me.

With great hope and great difficulty due to the construction of my custom-made bed frame, i managed to find some spare timbers in the garage plus some very thick paper catalogs and such, and cobbled together sufficiently sturdy support at the proper 5° angle, carefully calculated and multiply-checked.

Result: No change: urination was no better and no worse. Nothing changed: not poor flow, not urgency, not frequency of nocturnal urination. In terms of IBT, this remains true to the present. It must be understood that after 9 additional months of trying everything i could to shrink my prostate and heal naturally only to have another acute urinary retention incident, my condition was unknowingly so severe that my urologist literally could not understand how i was urinating at all over the past 5+ years prior to the emergency. So severe that we skipped right over the pharmaceuticals, directly to major surgery, which resolved the urination issue that originally brought me to IBT.



What about my Inflammatory Bowel Disease, diagnosed decades ago as Crohn’s Disease, and now moved into my large intestine too?

No change. Indeed, for reasons wholly unrelated to the angle at which i sleep and very much related to my emotional/mental functioning, i’ve struggled through the most severe flare-up over the past 3/4s of a year that i’ve had in many years.



I was diagnosed with what has alternately been labeled “clinical” and/or “major” and/or “chronic” depression several decades ago. There has been much improvement over the years and decades, yet there remains much more improvement needed.

No change, or a slight improvement: IBT does not seem to have helped my depression in a significant way, though sleeping on an incline feels natural and comfortable to me, which makes me happy, which does in a small way reduce my depressive symptoms. This has been consistent for over a year, and i expect it to continue.



No change.


** GERD **

No change, or possibly a slight (and, when it’s bad, insufficient) improvement. Sitting fully up does help, thus the extra angle from IBT may be helping a bit. Thankfully GERD has been rare, and i have been addressing the far more major factors which in my case have been causing it (extreme stress, dehydration, gut dysbiosis).



No change related to IBT. Far worse than usual, for the same reasons/underlying causes as the inflammatory bowel disease flare-up and the GERD.



No change.



These are more commonly-mentioned conditions on this site where others have found improvements, some of them dramatic. For me, for all of these, no changes.



Now here i’ve noticed an improvement with IBT: better drainage and lesser congestion. Dramatically so when my diet is healthy and other conditions in my life are good, less dramatically so when these other strong factors are suboptimal.



DRAMATIC improvement with IBT. For many years, i’ve been undiagnosed borderline sleep apnea, especially when i have a cold or sinus congestion for any reason. There would be times i would suddenly awaken, as though i’d not been able to breathe. It contributed to my former True Love demoting herself to my housemate/ex True Love, moving to an entirely different room and a far less comfortable bed to sleep.

We have one bathroom in the house. She goes to bed far later than i do, so every night she passes the bedroom where i sleep on her way to brush her teeth etc. before going to bed. She’s noted that since i’ve inclined my bed, she almost never hears me snore *at all* any more, much less have any near-apnea events. I certainly cannot recall any panicked inability to breathe awakenings since inclining the bed, and she’s in a far better position to know the true reality.

There are other reasons i choose to sleep on an IBT-inclined bed, though this significant improvement alone would make it worthwhile, even if there were no other factors.



For me, there are no—zero—detrimental health effects whatsoever. The only to-me trivial issue i’ve noticed is that the pillow i keep between my poorly-padded knees for comfort during sleep tends to migrate *slightly* towards the foot of the bed. Similarly, the top sheet and blankets also tend to migrate that direction—*slightly*. This slight shift has remained true even with some slick-feeling high thread count bedding that i thought for sure was going to leave itself and me all the way at the foot of the bed by morning. **Not at all**. Now if, unlike me, you have _very_ slippery silk or polyester sheets and/or pajamas, your results may be quite different. These slight shifts are such a non-issue to me that if i’d not written a note to mention them here, i might well have forgotten. Slightly tugging these things back up into place takes far less time than reading this sentence, and has become a natural, integrated, organic part of sleeping, no different than pulling the top sheet and blanket up over me in the first place.



For several days after i initially made the IBT conversion on my bed, i experienced minor soreness over different areas of my body: different areas on different nights. It seemed to be some sort of adjustment my body was making to sleeping on an incline. I like to believe that it might have been related to better flushing out of toxins or somesuch, but that’s pure conjecture on my part. I felt it, it was slight, it was different each night, and within not more than a week or maybe 10 days, it was gone and has not returned.

Since making the IBT conversion, there have been 3 spans where i’ve returned to sleeping on a flat bed, for 2 to 5 overnights each span. All 3 spans were in the same **Extremely** nice, comfortable, high-end bed and bedding at a relative’s house. I’ve slept very well on that bed in the past, as do most people who use it (it’s a guest bed).

The first span, 3 months into my IBT sleeping lifestyle, it felt very “wrong” sleeping flat, and i did not sleep well. There were emotional and stress complications significantly contributing to my poor sleep on this occasion.

The second span was 5 months intomy IBT sleeping lifestyle. I slept well and everything felt fine, just as in prior years before i started with IBT on my bed.

The third span, actually 2 closely-spaced spans now that i think more carefully about it, wrapped up less than a week ago as i type this, so one year intomy IBT sleeping lifestyle. This time i slept sufficiently well, but sleeping flat felt unnatural. Indeed, it felt like a _reverse_ slope! (I’d meant to check the bed with a level, but never got around to it.) Very quickly on the first night, i realized that i needed to make a pillow ramp (a soft upper body incline made of many bed pillows) in order to be comfortable enough to sleep.



Beyond the profound improvements in sleeping related to breathing issues, sleeping on an inclined bed feels more natural to me. Many years before i ever heard (much less thought) of inclining my bed, i’d been making pillow ramps as described above, to elevate my upper body. Not the same as IBT as this site well documents and explains, though possibly a hint that my body was trying to tell me that sleeping flat wasn’t what it wanted.

What has been working for me, and is likely idiosyncratic to me, is starting the night almost sitting up on a significant pillow ramp, relaxing, feeling/experiencing gratitude, most often doing guided imagery. As i relax and drift towards sleep over about 20 minutes’ time, naturally and without conscious effort i gradually slide down the pillow ramp, such that by the time i’m actually asleep, i’m on the inclined plane of the mattress with basically a normal head pillow thickness being the only significant deviation from mattress-inclined flat. It is a pattern that has worked well for me in recent pre-IBT years for optimal sleep, and works even better now with IBT.

Despite many of the improvements delivered by IBT noted by others having not manifested for me, there HAVE been significant improvements, there are NO downsides (other than utterly trivial and minor), and It Feels Good. I look forward to going to bed every night, which says a lot for someone who had a near-fatal medical condition which only happened in the deep of the night after an hour or several of sleeping (and even after the initial IBT conversion)!


Thank you, Andrew, for collating, developing, and spreading this information far and wide.


Sleep Inclined, Sleep Healthily, and Sleep Well, Everyone!

Posted Date : 16-11-2019

Retinal Detachment with "Macula Off"

Retinal Detachment with “Macula Off”


Nearly eight weeks ago my younger brother Graham, early fifties, phoned me with some distressing news that he had been diagnosed with a seriously detached retina and that his macula had also detached. He was facing an uncertain future and was looking for advice and reassurance. Being a glass half full personality he was struggling to contain all the questions arising from this situation. Was his future as a lecturer in doubt now? What about his ability to drive? You get the sense of worry he was going through. Huge uncertainty had entered his life and therefore that of his family's

future security.


With hindsight a bizarre incident while on holiday 5 weeks earlier, sliding down a water slide into a large swimming pool had led to the water pushing into his eye in such a way as to produce a seconds long trauma that had probably started this process. The water had held his right eyelids open while water pushed into his eye as he moved into and through the water of the pool. He was disoriented for a full ten minutes before he could leave the pool. Yet as is the nature of these events, you recover and move on not realising that adverse events are in motion.


He had experienced a lifting black veil and flashing lights several days earlier, but not realising the seriousness of these symptoms had waited another day and a half before seeking help. The result of this delay had made things worse and the delay was enough for his macula to detach, worsening his prognosis.


He was also singing the praises of the NHS who had recognised his need for urgent treatment, and performed a vitrectomy, whereby a small hole is made in his eye wall through which the vitreous gel is removed and in his case replaced with a long lasting gas bubble to hold the detached retina and macula in place. This will be slowly absorbed by the eye over the next two months or so. The final outcome is most likely months in the future as your body needs to heal and regrow the attachments that have been damaged, reform new blood vessels and restore their function, all of this is dependent on a continuous circulation to deliver the oxygen necessary for energy metabolism.


Thankfully Graham was already a veteran of sleeping inclined, but it is interesting to note that both he and his wife immediately felt that they should revert back to horizontal sleeping because the patient needs to “posture” their head position, looking down and where possible sleeping face down in order that the gas bubble keeps holding the retina and macula in position. No this is wrong, your circulation is paramount and sleeping at 90 degrees or 85 degrees from the vertical won't compromise the gas bubble and it's ability to hold the retina and macula, but sleeping flat negates our circulation and forces it to tick over as gravity is effectively “switched off”.


As I tell people about Andrew's ideas I always emphasise that circulation is gravity first, our heart's action secondary to this. The heart is helical in nature and spinning the blood into a vortex. This is such an eloquent method of moving a fluid. Then taking into account the relative humidity, we have a neat yet thorough explanation of bodily circulation and our blood transport system in action.


So I advised Graham to focus on optimising his circulation, removing all or nearly all the added sugar from his diet in order to lower his levels of glycation (HbA1C). Additionally to replace some of the starchy carbohydrates in his diet with more fats, saturated fats wherever possible. Diabetes has shown us that our eyesight is reliant on a continuous supply of oxygen, which in turn requires the red blood cells to pass through the eye's blood vessels in single file and be flexible enough to fold upon themselves if required. Doctors are always wary when a patient is diabetic and worry about their eyesight.


Glycation is defined as the bonding of a sugar molecule to a protein or lipid molecule without enzymatic regulation. Try to imagine two red blood cells in the shape of a dumbbell held together by a glucose molecule. This is too big to pass through the eye's vessels and deliver the necessary oxygen. So in short improve his glycation rates, increase his antioxidant levels using lypospheric vitamin C supplement alongside good amounts of krill oil and a B complex vitamin capsule to support his healing. In addition I gave him an electrolyser with instructions to breath hydrogen for 25 minutes per day, most days as time allowed.


His half glass empty anxiety came to a head yesterday, (November 2019) as he was back at Manchester Eye Hospital to see his consultant. His pupils had been dilated, as clear images had been taken of both his eyes and then analysed by the consultant's software taking measurements to try to create 3D information for the doctor. The consultant was amazed at the outcome, a delightful result, the eye test and the images confirmed a remarkable healing of Graham's macula and retina and that a minor cataract of his lens would soon be resolved leaving Graham with easily correctable eyesight through the wearing of spectacles. Macula off and yet this image after 52 days is remarkable. Just a few black dots on the edge of the macula and a perfect retina.


It is really lovely and such a nice feeling to say to Andrew that his ideas and my trust in them, has helped my brother move on from this event.


Our circulation is paramount to everything and something as simple as sleeping inclined can be so profound.


Love from


Jim & Latha x


Jim Crawford
Posted Date : 12-11-2019

Rheumatoid Arthritis

I learned of IBT through the combination of words in a sales presentation of a bed salesperson.  I had never heard of inclined bed therapy, so when I heard the presentation I searched online for the meaning.  I was shocked to find that there was little to no information available through the medical community in the US.  As I continued my search I found you on YouTube and finally your website.

My wife had been treated for allergies at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, USA.  I immediately went to their website in hopes to find testing at their hospitals.  As you know, I found nothing.  They offer a tilted table test to try and diagnosis someone having fainting spells but that is where it stops.  

My wife is not easily convinced to try new things, but after a little discussion and her arriving home from work to find our bed tilted, she agreed to try.  

On 6/22/2019, we started sleeping inclined.  After a few weeks she found that symptoms of her rheumatoid arthritis had improved dramatically.  She woke with little or no pain and was able to start her day without the aches and pains.  

We are close to 2 months into our test of sleeping inclined and we will never sleep flat again.  I wake clear-minded and free of the need to rush to the bathroom when waking.  I have audio recorded my entire night’s sleep to find that my snoring is now almost nonexistent.  My wife rarely uses the bathroom at night, where before she would need to go in the middle of most nights.  

Sadly, I feel I’m in the smallest group of believers.  I have 2 guest bedrooms in my home, one elevated and one flat.  When we have guests, I gently present how we sleep, discuss some of the first night improvements, share your website and offer the choice.  Do you want to try inclined sleep?  I’m 2 for 2 on visitors and have made believers of both.  

Jon Sampson
Posted Date : 19-08-2019

Improved my sleep tremendously

I was having trouble falling asleep, and was open to ways that could hep that did not involve drugs.

Occasionally I took a melatonin / passionflower or herbal combination to fall asleep. But over time, it was helping less often.

So when I found IBT, I was only getting about 3 decent sleeps a month, leaving me exhausted and frustrated.

Someone in a podcast interview mentioned sleeping on an inclined bed and I was intrigued. So in less than an hour, I took two bricks from my garden, and put them under the legs at the head of my (metal) bed.

I spent a few weeks sleeping with the two bricks -- so that's about 4.5 inches raised in a queen bed. Then I added another brick, which took me up to 6.75 inches, where I've stayed.

From the very first night, I fell asleep easily. It felt so natural and was such a relief, I felt like crying! I also feel more refreshed in the morning.

For two months straight -- I needed no help to fall asleep. I've only taken melatonin once since then -- that was when I was not in my own bed, and had a very busy day and a long drive earlier.

I bought bed risers for $15 so I could take them to a cottage I rented this summer -- made a world of difference -- slept great.

I didn't document this, but I think that some spider veins on the side of my calves are receding a bit. I'll keep an eye on them.

Today as I write, I'm  recovering from minor foot surgery. There was some numbness by the surgical scar yesterday (two days along), and I noticed that the numbness disappeared overnight.

I cannot prove it, but I do think that sleeping inlclined has helped.

Thank you Andrew for your tireless efforts to get the word about sleeping inclined. I've told a number of people, not sure who's doing it.

It's simple, free... why not try it??

Posted Date : 10-08-2019


I have been using IBT to combat occasional severe GERD for several years now and it has worked miracles. I recently started CPAP treatment and I have found it necessary to abandon IBT.  IBT was causing me to suffer aerophagia.  Interestingly several websites suggest IBT as a treatment for aerophagia.  This distresses me greatly as I have fallen in love with IBT but must now give it up.  I even went so far as to install linear actuators to raise my bed at night.  I plan to try IBT again after I have become more acclimated to the CPAP.

Steven Kennedy
Posted Date : 09-08-2019

Fixing More Than Arthritis

Hello Andrew,

I'm a wholesale sales rep of iAdjust Sleep Products adjustable bases.  I'm not looking for an endorsement or trying to sell you anything.  I'm just excited about IBT and I've been sharing it with anyone who will listen.  I will tell you things about our brand and manufacturing that sounds like I'm looking for a sale but it's all just to connect the dots.  

About 4 months ago I was introduced to the phrase "Inclined Bed Therapy" by a sales rep that was using that phrase to sell his head-up position as a treatment for acid reflux.  As you already know, the head-up only position of a few inches is effective at lessening the severity of GERDS.  That sales rep didn't continue to discuss the 6" head lift to a flat bed, so I got curious.  I researched what turned out to be his random choice of words that led me to the video on YouTube where you are involved in a 2 hr long discussion about IBT.  

iAdjust Sleep Products has designed a full-feature adjustable base with a 10" vertical lift/tilt which will allow for up to 10 degrees of incline.  I set our display model at 5 degrees and used an iPhone app to measure the degree of incline.  I programed the 5 degree position in one of the available memory positions on the base's remote.   The best feature of this adjustable base is that it can be attached to a headboard/footboard and look like a regular flat bed by day and, with a push of a button, move to the 5 degree position.  My customers love this.  

As a side note, I had my best friend try the free version.  I gave him furniture risers and he ran home to get started.  After 2 weeks of use his low cost metal frame broke at the weld and damaged his wood floor.  He had to deal with it at 2 am. 

My wife and I "went inclined" on 6/22/19 and will never go back to a flat bed.  My wife suffers from rheumatoid arthritis which is a chronic inflammatory disorder that can affect more than just your joints. In some people, the condition can damage a wide variety of body systems, including the skin, eyes, lungs, heart and blood vessels.  She currently sees a therapist and has been prescribed medication to treat her condition.  Both Methotrexate and Humira have been medications she has used for years on and off.  Both medications have been eliminated from her treatment due to a liver condition.  Our current bed is a firm, memory foam mattress with a 3" organic shredded latex topper.  The latex alone has made miraculous improvements to her condition over 2 months sleeping flat due to the naturally cool temperature of latex plus no struggle to turn over in memory foam.  Once we "went inclined" a new world appeared.  She is now able to get out of bed in the morning without pain and without medication.  She is the happiest woman alive.  Oh, by the way, she hates change and went kicking and screaming into our first night of IBT.

Chronologically, starting after the first 2 nights we both experienced no trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  After 3 or 4 nights we both became very "regular" with our bowel movements.  Also, very comfortable movements that have remained that way since our beginning of IBT

A few more days passed and we noticed we were both sleeping more soundly.  In the past I would frequently wake at 2 am or 3 am and stare at the ceiling.  After converting to IBT, I still wake on occasion but will go back to sleep almost immediately.  Over the past 5 weeks I've had more that a dozen, undisturbed 8 hour nights sleep.  I've never slept so deeply in my life.  I'm 54 years old.  With IBT I feel like I'm 10 years younger.  I keep reminding myself that I'm less than 2 months into IBT.  My wife has experienced next to no night sweats and it has eliminated her hot flashes.

Fast forward into this past week.  Being in traveling sales, I get to enjoy hotel rooms with some frequency.  I spent a week in Las Vegas at the furniture market that ended on 8/1/19.  It all but completely reversed all the improvements I had enjoyed.  I was unable to sleep more than a few hours at a time, the return of aches and pains plus the return of visiting the bathroom in the middle of the night.  I need to figure out how to take this IBT on the road.  My wife came along for 2 nights and she experienced the same decline in "sleep healing".

My sister-in-law has been staying with us for the past month.  One week into her stay she asked if she could go inclined.  How could I say no.  I adjusted her bed using furniture risers.  Some of her conditions prior to IBT were GERDS and frequent night bathroom visits.  The severity of both have been decreased dramatically.  Bathroom visits reduced by 80% to 90% and almost unnoticeable acid reflux.  She is 67 years old and also enjoys the new, longer, deeper sleep.  She feels like her dreams are more vivid and colorful from the deeper REM sleep.  As a superbonus, she keeps her hair very short and it has become noticeable darker.

My sister-in-law is going home tomorrow to a flat bed.  She is one that has a bed that won't easily adapt to IBT with the use of risers or blocks.  She is replacing her mattress with an organic latex mattress and a motion base with tilt option.  

Until the rest of the world changes, thank you for changing mine for the better.

J Sampson
Posted Date : 03-08-2019

Life changer

Following long hospital stay & strong broad spectrum Antibiotics at the age of 49 I developed increasing issues with tonsil stones and eventually GERD.  Was removing tonsil stones almost daily buy the end of this period and throat was sore all the time and craters we’re getting deeper. Prescription meds for the GERD made me sick and I was taking Gaviscon Advance nightly.  Eventually I stumbled on this site and as my bed legs are too chunky for custom raisers on Amazon my husband re built out wooden bed so the mattress sits at the recommended 5%.  The improvement in my GERD was instant.  The tonsil stone production slowed down and although I think the fluid still gathers (post nasal drip maybe) I assume it drains.  Thank you for that advise I don’t like to think where I was heading with this increasing problem.

Angela Lavery
Posted Date : 02-06-2019

Heart, oedema, digestion, eyesight myopia improvements

My testimony
I am currently 59 years old and, about 9 years ago, I was looking for a solution to some annoying problems I had, which were gradually increasing and seemed to be connected:

constantly accelerated heart beat, accompanied by increasingly frequent and annoying extrasystoles;
extreme sensitivity to heat and ease of sweating;
night digestion problems, especially in the case of slightly heavier evening meals;
often swollen legs, especially during the summer season, accompanied by an increasingly marked presence of venous swellings.
To all this there were added other problems that still seemed unrelated and even less manageable:

myopia, which had made its appearance over the last few years and which, from light, was slowly becoming so accentuated as to force me to use glasses more and more frequently, which had become indispensable especially if I had to drive a car at night. In fact, at the visit for the renewal of the license - in 2008 - the doctor had told me that I was very close to the obligation of driving with eyeglasses;
presence of a growing number of "moving bodies" (small black dots, dark semi-transparent filaments), which floated within my field of vision, with greater accentuation for one of the 2 eyes; for this reason the ophthalmologist recommended me a timely monitoring, since it was treated of symptoms typically connected with the risk of retinal detachment and for which it is normal to foresee a non-positive evolution.
Although not yet suffering from overt pathologies there were therefore several non-positive signals and several unpleasant symptoms.

In the course of 2009 by pure chance, as often happens, by doing research on the Internet I happened to come across some references regarding a solution that could have had positive effects on night digestion and on some of the other problems listed above.

The suggestion was simple: try to sleep with a 5 ° inclined bed, raised on the side of the head.

In those days there wasn't much material about this brilliant solution, but what I happened to read convinced me.

I decided therefore to try, also considering the simplicity with which the solution could be adopted.

In a short time I found the following positive developments in a clear and evident way:

significant reduction in heart rate and disappearance of annoying extrasystoles;
substantial normalization of the exaggerated sensation of heat and ease of sweating;
clear reduction of night-time digestion problems, even in the case of non-light evening meals, with consequent and obvious improvement in sleep quality.
These are the improvements that I have obtained more quickly and clearly and that, I have had the opportunity to verify it, are also the first that tend to shrink if I find myself forced to sleep again on a bed that is not inclined for more than a few days.

In times a little longer, but still quite short, I also realized that, even during the hot season, I no longer suffered from swollen legs and that the condition of my veins was progressively improved as well.

Other important improvements, which occurred much more gradually and with much longer times, also concerned the problems I had in my eyes, related to myopia and the symptoms that characterize the risk of retinal detachment.

Currently I have almost completely recovered my view from afar and, in fact, even on the occasion of the visit for the renewal of the license (January 2018), the verification has given a completely positive outcome.

In addition, the quantity and thickness of the "moving bodies" that float in my field of vision have also been greatly reduced. The last eye examination has in fact found a normal situation.

These last improvements took place with such a slow and gradual progression that they were not even perceptible and, frankly, I had not the slightest connection with the fact that I had been sleeping for years on a sloping bed.

I only made this connection in recent times when, having found the time to do it in a complete way, I decided to go deeper into the subject of Inclined Bed Therapy and to work to spread the knowledge about it.

I am not exaggerating, therefore, if I say that this simple remedy has greatly improved my life and, in all probability, has avoided unpleasant pathological degeneration. In recent years I have made many friends and relatives participate in this simple and exceptional solution and, without fail, there have been some benefits that have often been truly remarkable.

Letto Inclinato
IT Posted Date : 17-04-2019

Back pain, injury, peripheral neuropathy

Ok testimonial time.....I have been sleeping on an incline now for a little under 2 months. I saw a post on the Iodine protocol site which I am a member of about Andrew's revelation on tree fluid circulation which led me to you tube and many other videos. So the first couple nights I slept fine, 1st thing I noticed getting up in the morning was No Back Pain..I expected lower back pain because the day before I was doing yard work and lifting heavy logs from a tree I cut down . I injured my back over 40 years ago and have lower back pain on & off especially when I overwork it. Since sleeping inclined I have not had ANY back issues. I do believe there is something with the gravity/circulation of spinal fluid which is leading me to believe why Im dealing with Nephropathy in my feet. This to is changing to the better so I believe the two are connected. Maybe the gravity pulling down at an angle is relieving pressure in one of the vertebrates im not sure. I have been researching the feet problem for over 6 years, have tried different foot wear, shims pads and been to a foot doctor help. So far I believe this incline bed is a blessing thanks to Andrew K Fletcher. I will keep you posted on further progress, but I live sleeping inclined and will never go back to a flat bed

‎Harry Ostrom
Posted Date : 08-04-2019

The Air that I breathe

Dear Inclined Bed friends;

I raised my bed on Feb. 19, 2018 by putting 15cm of books underneath that I had prepared to trow away. The books are still there but my life has changed.

Since my childhood days I suffered from asthma with about a 10 years pause form 30-40. Unfortunately it came back and I kept using a spray once a day. It was not a severe problem but it was disturbing to wake up some time in the morning. A spry lasted for tree months and since I tried lots of things I wrote the date of the first use on the spray to find out how I was doing. The intervals became longer and I ended up at 4-5 months, adding "You will be my last".

Since February I started another one on Aug. 13 2018 which I still have -  but no longer use.

If I remember right, there was not much of a success to be felt until December. BUT by the end of November I raised the bed a little higher, adding another 1,5cm. Not a big difference? It sure is. The very next morning I was late at work, I did not hear the alarm..... and then, after a few more weeks I realized that I had almost forgotten about the spray.

I recieved another confirmation about my good condition last week: I measured the oxygen saturation of my blood, which returned a value of 98, a good position within the normal range of 95 -100!

Easy - no cost -  effective!

Just do it.   March 14, 2019

Harald Jacobek
Posted Date : 14-03-2019

Back, arm and leg crush injury. 7 years after accepting I was not going to improve. .

Thank you for accepting my friends request. Are you the Dr. Andrew K Fletcher of inclined bed therapy? If so I'd like to thank you for all you've done. I really do appreciate it.

AKF: Engineer not a Dr but yes that's me and your very welcome

What differences have you noticed?

I'm from Saskatchewan, Canada. We just had -52 weather without the windchill lol. I thought I'd throw that in there.

Back in April of 2012 I had a work accident where a large peice of concrete fell on me and crushed me. It broke my left arm&foot and I completely lost feeling from the elbow down to my finger tips. It also put a permanent curve in my spine that needed constant therapy.

After seeing medical doctors, chiropractic doctors massage doctors, and acupuncture doctors I came to the conclusion that this was gonna be my life for as long as I lived. I am currently 30 years old.

Even at my young age I thought like this because of how bad my condition was.

But! I came accross Dr. ANDREW K FLETCHER and his videos on youtube and after about 8 months my conditions completely reversed!

  • My spine is straight,
  • My foot feels better 
  • I have complete feeling in my left arm and it's just as strong as it used to be.

So please if you're on the fence about changing your life for the better, please do it RIGHT NOW! You have absolutely nothing to lose. Use what ever you have, even books, you shouldn't have to suffer any longer, life is beautiful! Thank you so much Dr. Andrew k Fletcher.
Not all doctors went to school to learn about the human body.

Posted Date : 18-02-2019

Diabetes retinopathy (Bleeding retinas)

i have type I diabetes. I’ve had it for 49 years. I have had many laser surgeries on my retinas due to diabetic retinopathy. About 4 years ago I started IBT and I have had no more bleeds in my retinas since then. Very brilliant idea!

San Rafael
Posted Date : 14-02-2019

Sleep Apnea

I went through Menopause at the early age of 40 and ever since I have had sleep issues.  I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea.  I believed it is because my muscles became more relaxed in my neck area.  My dentist said that I had a high tongue.  So, when I lay down at night I was having about 13 episodes of interruption a night - mild sleep apnea.  This has caused such a disruption to my normal life.  I was waking up 3-4 times a night and often not going back to sleep for an hour at times.  I then would go into a deep sleep right before it was time to get up for work.  I felt immense brain fog.  Barely getting through the day.  I prayed often and asked God for help because I could not function like this. I tried the sleep apnea machine.  I took melatonin, valerian root.  I bought 5 mattresses over 10 years.   My relationships suffered, my memory was getting worse.  I wasn't sharp on my job. And I began to have dark circles under my eyes.  Well one day I went to visit Herman Meinke at Treehouse for Earth's Children Holistic Center in Farmington Hills, MI.  He had tried IBT and it worked for him.  The paper he gave me also had many testimonies from others who had been healed or whose health had been improved by IBT.  He told me to try it.  I bought the 6" bed risers and the first night I slept inclined I noticed a big difference. I only woke up once during the night and went back to sleep.  I was excited. This seemed to be working  I also started tracking my sleep on my Fitbit,  So for the next 3 nights I was getting similar and better results.  On the 4th day, the coldest day of the year, I was up at 5AM refreshed and at work by 7:30AM.  My Fitbit indicated that I had a couple hours of REM sleep and deep sleep and a few hours of light sleep. I literally cried and thanked God for this simple remedy.  All these years of suffering and it was remedied with this simple method.  Thanking God for Mr. Fletcher and his willingness to share what he learned with the world.

P.S. Although my data is only for 4 days I just wanted to note the remarkable difference in such a short period of time.  I will write another review in a couple of months to see if the difference continues and to see if there are any other changes.

                                                                                                                                                                Thank you,

                                                                                                                                                                Shaun Hughes





Posted Date : 30-01-2019

Our 90 year young Friend's Journey - Circulation, gangrene, pain.

During our own testimonial entitled, “Six Months of a Lifetime's Journey” We promised to update the readers about our friend, who I'll call Ken to protect his anonymity.

Ken is now 90 years old and during his career worked as a consultant paediatrician. He was enjoying his retirement and spent the Winter months in India, and the rest of the year in his UK home with his wife. However in late 2017 he started experiencing pain in a toe on his left foot. This was diagnosed as circulatory in nature, he was having trouble delivering oxygen to the toe via his circulation. Various solutions were discussed including a stent in the artery supplying his toe, but Ken opted to wait and see. He travelled to India as normal and felt that the warmer weather was helping at first. Later things worsened and now Ken reported pain in two adjacent toes on his left foot. He was taking higher doses of painkillers and had been prescribed statins as ultrasound investigations had possibly identified a reduced arterial lumen in his left lower leg.

Events spiralled out of control and the pain required a stay in an Indian hospital where things became desperate. In the end a rushed and poor decision was reached and Ken was persuaded to amputate the two problem toes, whereby the logic behind this operation promised to remove the pain as the toes were becoming non-viable. The outcome was a disaster and the operation wound quickly became gangrenous, bringing huge amounts of pain and a life threatening situation.

Ken was losing his mind, literally, everyday he was awash with pain. An emergency flight to the UK was arranged and a further operation was carried out to remove a sizeable portion of his left forefoot, leaving him with half a foot and a huge mountain to climb to heal himself. This type of wound has to be left open and encouraged to heal from the inside out, a long job indeed, especially when great age is factored in. Ken spent a further 8 weeks in a UK hospital.


It was at this point that we became involved, after hearing his very sad news. Our family friend's life was in the balance and yet it seemed that common sense had flown out of the window. We urged him to purchase a lot of lypospheric vitamin C a powerful supplement that bypasses digestion and delivers large amounts of in this case vitamin C, for two primary reasons, the gangrene would have drained him of all his own reserves and we had no faith that the hospital would consider this. It took reminders to get him on board, but in the end he acquiesced. This complete lack of vitamin C can be life threatening and additionally the body needs vitamin C to build the new collagen required to synthesise new granulating tissue. We hoped that this would give him a chance to get home. It took a further 8 weeks but home he came.

We asked to come round and after a little small talk explained Andrew's ideas about gravity being the primary driver of circulation and the movement of fluids in the body. Having got permission we set about raising their bed, a divan by an initial 4”, with the casters removed and a neatly cut wedge for the centre join on both sides.

The result was good and the bed was now gently sloping and solid to lie on. I'm sure that Ken thought he was humouring us, but we went home hopeful. We continued to visit as we became aware of how much pain he was in, especially at night. He was drugged up and referred to the neuralgia that was especially painful at night and disturbed his sleep. We suspected he was carrying a lot of muscle spasm and decided to offer him a course of IMS (intra muscular stimulation), a dry needle technique to relieve the spasm in both his piriformis muscles and those in his back, that we strongly suspected was compressing his sciatic nerve on both sides. This involved weekly treatments, to treat his back and pelvic areas. Progress was steady and frustrating as my wife, “pricked his bottom”, as Ken called it.

Real progress came after 3 weeks and his pain score reduced markedly meaning he could now stay in bed and be comfortable. Now the incline was his friend and circulation was returned to his extremities for the whole night.

It's important to mention that at one point the opiate based painkillers nearly saw him in trouble again, as his appetite approached nil, yet he knew he had to wean himself off these killers. We were winning and he was eating again, sleeping well and importantly healing. He became a star patient as the district nurses dressed his foot each week.

Some 8 months on from his return to the UK, the original hospital nurse saw him again, after having last seen him following his operation in April. The huge smile on her face said everything. He was a star, now 90 years old and signed off to live the rest of his life. His bed is now at 5”, with the last inch due on his return to the UK, because Christmas day saw him and his wife fly back to the sunshine of India for a few months, with instructions to ask their apartment maintenance guys to raise their bed to ensure continuous night time circulation.

Ken had found his journey back to good health frustrating, but finally he could see the results for themselves, he had confounded his own consultant's expectations. Just after the operation, Ken had asked if he would heal in time for his Winter sunshine and the consultant's expression spoke a million words, not a chance, but sometimes life can surprise us all!

The power of simple ideas are truly amazing when applied with common sense. Thank you Andrew for never giving up on the promotion of your ideas, we are very grateful, both personally and on behalf of our friends.

Bon voyage for now.


Jim & Latha x

Jim Crawford
Posted Date : 04-01-2019

Sinus Improvements Continue and GI Tract Functioning Better

Sinus improvements are continuing while at the same time GI areas seem to be getting better aligned and are definitely functioning better. Effective digestion has been a lifelong issue, and now becoming more 'regularized' so to speak (sorry if Too Much Information here) is a tremendous relief. There is an increased sense of possessing an integrated system body-wide not just parts that don't communicate timely or are out of phase / in combat with each other, as has been the situation as long as I can remember. I think IBT is working on me from various angles simultaneously and benefits are beginning to stack up, thereby influencing cells --> circulation --> organs --> systems, to result in overall well-being. Reduction of SIBO in conjunction with dietary modifications and IBT realignments is making for less gut distress and anxiety (neurotransmitters situation improvements apparently).

Janice Willingham
Posted Date : 28-12-2018